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Beyond the 49th Parallel: Many Faces of the Canadian North


Beyond the 49th Parallel : Many Faces of the Canadian North / Au-delà du 49ème parallèle : multiples visages du Nord canadien, Évaine Le Calvé-Ivičević and Vanja Polić (eds.). Central European Association of Canadian Studies. Brno: Masaryk University Press, 2018.

The volume is a collection of essays on the different issues regarding the North, as observed from the perspective of Canadian studies. Since Canada as a whole can be considered the “North,” the volume includes a scope of multidisciplinary texts that question a whole range of “Norths” in the past and present, and in a variety of areas, from founding narratives to land management policies and social issues, to literature and other artistic genres. Each of these areas highlights a different kind of “nordicity” for, beyond geography, “the North” embraces a wide scope of meanings and symbolic values. Divided into five parts, the contributions in this volume provide a kaleidoscopic presentation of topics in this vast explorative project of the equally vast space that is the North.