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Sketch Engine is the ultimate tool to explore how language works. Its algorithms analyze authentic texts of billions of words (text corpora) to identify instantly what is typical in language and what is rare, unusual or emerging usage. It is also designed for text analysis or text mining applications.

Sketch Engine is used by linguists, lexicographers, translators, students and teachers. It is a first choice solution for publishers, universities, translation agencies and national language institutes throughout the world.

Sketch Engine contains 400 ready-to-use corpora in 90+ languages, each having a size of up to 20 billion words to provide a truly representative sample of language.

What exactly can Sketch Engine do:

Sketch Engine processes texts of billions of words and, within seconds, finds instances of the word, phrase or phenomenon and presents the results in the form of Word Sketchesconcordances or word lists.

Aligned parallel corpora are a source of translation suggestions as produced by real translators. Word Sketches help identify idiomatically correct word combinations and help use words like native speakers do.

Sketch Engine’s next generation term extraction and bilingual term extraction combine statistics and linguistic analysis to yield unprecedented quality. Extracted terms require very little manual cleaning or post-processing, if any at all.

Perform coocurrence analysis, term extraction or generate frequency lists which take advantage of morphological analysis and part-of-speech tagging.

Get ideas for product names and check the feelings and ideas they invoke. Check how such words are used by your competitors.

Word Sketch and concordance are the ideal tools to quickly understand how a word or phrase is used in context. Or try SkELL!

Time annotation in diachronic corpora together with Sketch Engine’s trends feature detects neologisms and trending words in seconds.

(from Sketch Engine website)

How to access (from home or FFZG):

Go to,
select “Authenticate using your institution account (single sign on)”,
Let me choose from a list
scroll and select AAI@EduHr, select “Continue“, fill in with ffzg email and password.
All tool options are free and access is unlimited.

Enjoy your linguistic journey!

Pristup Sketch Engineu omogućen je preko projekta ELEXIS:
Projekt ELEXIS financiran iz programa Obzor 2020 EU omogućuje pristup korpusima za različite jezike dostupnim putem Sketch Enginea. Besplatan pristup dostupan je od od 1.4. 2018 do 1.4.2022. Pristup je produžen do 1.4.2023.
Pristup hrvatskim institucijama omogućen je uporabom korisničkih podataka.

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 30 April 2018