Poziv na seminar iz kanadskih studija „Page, Stage, Screen, Voice“ (Zagreb, 12.5.2018.)-NEW LOCATION

Poziv na jednodnevni seminar iz kanadskih studija
(Zagreb, 12th May 2018, and Osijek, 14th May 2018)

Students of English are invited to attend the “Page, Stage, Screen, Voice: A Canadian Studies Seminar” where six prominent Canadian speakers discuss subjects concerning: theatrical nationhood as a mechanism for creating a sense of appropriative indigeneity in settler Canadians; education as colonization in Indigenous memoirs from residential schools; the Indigenous comic as a means of disruption of settler colonial discourses and restorying the past and unsettling the present; National Film Board of Canada’s short films that take up questions of auto/biographical representation in the digital era; the possibility of poetry being deployed as theatre that seeks to obliterate the linearity of narrative and efface viewpoints; and the juxtaposition of the recorded intimate oral history of the early 1960s TISH poetry community which emphasizes the role of women vs. the public history of the single-authored, print-based narratives.

The seminar will take place in:
Zagreb, on 12th May 2018, Saturday, 9.15 a.m.–6.00 p.m.
Conference Hall, University of Zagreb, Trg Republike Hrvatske 14,
10 000 Zagreb

Osijek, 14th May 2018, Monday, 8.00 a.m. – 14.00 p.m.
Location: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lorenza Jägera 9, 31 000 Osijek

with Guest Speakers:
Andrew Burke (University of Winnipeg),

Alan D. Filewod (University of Guelph),
Erín Moure,
Candida Rifkind (University of Winnipeg),
Karis Shearer (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), and
Linda Warley (University of Waterloo).

More info: http://hkad.hr/aktualno/?lang=en
Link to the program: http://hkad.hr/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/PROGRAM-Page-Stage-Screen-Voice-A-Canadian-Studies-Seminar-FF.pdf
For any further questions, you can contact Dr. Vanja Polic at vpolic@ffzg.hr

The Croatian-Canadian Association for Canadian Studies would like to thank the Canadian Embassy in Croatia for their support in the organization of this seminar.