English Studies from Archives to Prospects. Volume 1 – Literature and Cultural Studies


Stipe Grgas, Tihana Klepač, Martina Domines Veliki (eds.). English Studies from Archives to Prospects. Volume 1: Literature and Cultural Studies.  Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.

When we think about what it is we do in academic literary studies, we do so taking account of time – the time of the institution in which this disciplinary practice takes place, and the history of the discipline itself. Since literary studies engage contemporary issues and how they impact the reader, we must also acknowledge processes and events outside the field.
The contributions to this volume engage with the idea of temporality not only in Anglophone literature studies, but in the humanities as a whole. In the first section, the literary contributions show that the humanities owe a debt to the past – new paradigms question and challenge the validity of older ones without necessarily discarding them. The second section shows how the disciplinary archive can be modified and expanded to engage its present condition, while the last deals with what that condition forebodes. Despite the range of perspectives adopted here, all contributions echo the history of the discipline of literary studies itself, its present condition, and the possibilities for its survival in an age in which the relevance of humanities is being disputed.