Translation Theory on 10 Oct (tomorrow) cancelled

Due to leg surgery I won’t be able to teach tomorrow (10th Oct). Later today I will post some tasks for you to do instead, which you can access via the e-learning platform on

For this and other reasons I’d like to ask all students who are enrolled in my Translation Theory course (including exchange students) to also enroll in the e-course on You’ll need access key to the course, which you can get from me if you send me an email. To log in to the e-learning platform you need your AAI identity, which you should have obtained on enrollment in the study program (if not, you can get it from our IT service). Once you have enrolled in the e-course you will be able to receive notifications and access the tasks and other course material.

We should have a normal face-to-face class on Tuesday 15th.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your understanding.

Nataša Pavlović (