Poziv studentima na simpozij: A Cultural History of Capitalism (7.-8.4.2017.)

Dragi studenti,
pozivamo vas da nam se pridružite na simpoziju koji organiziramo u okviru projekta
“Kulturna povijest kapitalizma: Britanija, Amerika, Hrvatska”, na Filozofskom fakultetu
u Zagrebu, 7. i 8. travnja 2017.

Više informacija i program simpozija dostupni su na poveznici:



Simpozij “A Cultural History of Capitalism”

The conference “A Cultural History of Capitalism” will take place on April 7-8, 2017 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.

A detailed, wide-ranging analysis of what constitutes a cultural history of capitalism is indispensable for a functional grasp of recent Croatian cultural and political history, as well as of the current positioning of Croatia in Europe and the world. We intend to examine and explore the complexity of this totality as refracted through cultural histories of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, as a horizon truly necessary for understanding Croatian cultural history. Our intent is to investigate complex interrelations of the sophisticated Victorian variant of capitalism and its American mutations, both in the nineteenth- and in the twentieth-centuries. This applies primarily to the Cold-War America, when capitalism contrasted to socialism becomes a totalizing formula to regulate various economic and political structures, but also the sphere of culture where public versus private is defined.  Thus caught in contrast to and against socialism, capitalism is definitive to life in communities in socialism as well, and therefore in the former Yugoslavia; this then sediments into a difficult genealogy which burdens capitalism when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it enters formerly socialist countries, now as a platform for understanding and regulating postsocialism.

Confirmed speakers: Marijan Bobinac, Sven Cvek, Martina Domines Veliki, Boris Dundović, Catherine Eagan, Kimberly Engber, Grant Farred, Stipe Grgas, Tvrtko Jakovina, Renata Jambrešić Kirin, Tatjana Jukić, Tihana Klepač, Borislav Knežević, Danijela Lugarić, Christine Magerski, Ljubica Matek, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, Tanja Petrović, Iva Polak, Vanja Polić, Russell Reising, Mark Metzler Sawin, Ronald Schleifer, Jelena Šesnić, Jelena Spreicer, Slavica Troskot