Master in Advanced English Studies, University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid (2016)

The admission period to sign up for the
Master in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact
run by the University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid
is now open.

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The Master’s in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact consists of 60 credits and takes one academic year to complete. Classes are held at the University of Salamanca during Fall semester, and at the University of Valladolid in the Spring semester.

The Master’s in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact is a flexible program that offers three academic itineraries in language and linguistics, and literature and culture, or a combined program of linguistics, literature and culture. Students are free to choose courses offered by these itineraries according to their academic or professional preferences. The subjects offered reflect the major research lines and methodological trends in the fields of English Language Learning and Linguistics, and Anglo-American Literature and Culture.

The goals of the Master’s program are to enable students to acquire the necessary competencies and skills characteristic of an advanced, specialized, and interdisciplinary education. The program prepares students for the demanding standards of the international job market and allows access to the PhD program, that has been distinguished by the Spanish Ministry of Education for its Quality of Excellence.

The Master’s is aimed at both the professional training for teachers of English as a Foreign Language and the preparation of future researchers in academia. The study plan also  addresses the curricular needs of future cultural mediators who work in the media, press, embassies, ministries, archives and libraries.

This Master’s has an inter-cultural, and interdisciplinary orientation. Since its beginnings, in 2007, it has welcomed international students from all over the world: US, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Colombia, Romania, etc.

More reasons to sign up for this program:

The University of Salamanca (1218) is Spain’s oldest university and the fourth oldest in Europe. The University of Valladolid also dates back to the 13th century.

In the Humanities, both the University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid hold an indisputable international prestige in areas of research and teaching innovation. These institutions are linked to the creation of the first grammar and to famous historical figures such as Cervantes, Lope de Vega Fray Luis de León, San Juan de la Cruz, Torres Villarroel, and Miguel de Unamuno, among many others.

In the sixteenth century both universities were named the most important universities in the Kingdom.

Both universities have been distinguished with the ‘Campus of Excellence’ award.

The English Department of the University of Salamanca has consistently maintained for twelve years in a row the number one place in all its national listings.

The University of Valladolid is the top European university in international teaching placements within the Erasmus-Sócrates program. The University of Salamanca has the second highest international student community in the country.

The University of Salamanca and Valladolid are famous for their diverse international student population and offer a number of educational exchange programs for foreign students.

The University of Salamanca boasts the ninth highest enrollment of Erasmus students and half of its postgraduate students are international.

Both Salamanca and Valladolid are charming university towns with a rich cultural heritage. During the seventeenth century Valladolid was the capital of the Spanish Empire and since them has carried an important historical legacy.

The Master in ‘Advanced English Studies’ is aimed towards both highly motivated Spanish and international students with a professional drive allowing them to excel in a rigorous academic environment. Dare to be the best!