ERASMUS Agreement for Incoming (Guest) Students of the English Department

ERASMUS Agreement for Incoming (Guest) Students of the English Department

Foreign students who wish to attend the courses at the English Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb can find all relevant information on the website of the Humanities Faculty, under the heading International Cooperation – Student Mobility.
While selecting courses at the English Department during your application process, contact the department coordinator Dr. Marina Grubišić ( ) for more information about syllabi, course workload, and availability of selected courses.

Incoming (guest) students who have come to study at the English Department must contact immediately the Student Exchange coordinator Ms. Ivana Bedeković and the departmental coordinator Dr. Marina Grubišić ( ). The students cannot enroll into courses before their Learning Agreements have been validated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The English Department admits ONLY English studies students.


– UPDATE (9 May 2022)
Here is the list of courses for incoming students in the winter semester 2022/2023.
Make sure to contact the department coordinator before arranging your LA.
This list of courses has been confirmed by the department in April 2022. The list comprises courses available for exchange students.
Should any changes occur in the meantime, the list will be updated accordingly.



English Department ECTS & Erasmus Office
Marina Grubisic, coordinator
Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment. Contact professor by e-mail; online by appointment (Skype, Zoom, Tau)
E-mail: mobilnost-angl[at]ffzg[dot]hr
Address: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ivana Lucica 3,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia