Stela Letica Krevelj, Ph.D. postdoctoral reseracher

Curriculum vitae

2014 Postdoctoral reseracher / Research Associate
2014 Ph. D. in FL Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb.
Dissertation: Crosslinguistic interaction in acquiring English as L3: role of psychotypology and L2 status
2006 teaching and research assistant
2002-2007 teacher of English and Italian
2002 BA in English and Italian, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb

Research interests
Psycholinguistic aspects of multilingualism, second and third language acquisition, multilingual processing, teaching English as a foreign language

Graduate courses
Process of Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition

 – MZOS: Acquiring English from the early age: Analysis of learner language (130-1301001-0988) (J. Mihaljević Djigunović)
 – EU project:  Early Language Learning in Europe (ELLiE) (J. Enever)
 – Dominant Language Constellations (L. Aronin)

International Association of Multilingualism
Croatian Association of Applied Linguistics
Croatian Association for  the Study of English (HDAS) (secretary)

Selected bibliography
• Letica Krevelj, S. (in press). Multilinguals’ perceptions of crosslinguistic similarity and relative ease of learning genealogically unrelated languages. SRAZ, 61, 175-206.
• Letica Krevelj, S. (2016) Psychotypology and the Activation of Interlingual and Deceptive Cognates from Typologically Unrelated Languages in L3 English Production. U: I. Zovko Dinković & J. Mihaljević Djigunović (ur.). English Studies from Archives to Prospects: Volume 2 – Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 254-269. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
• Letica Krevelj, S. i Medved Krajnović, M. (2015) Early EFL development from a dynamic systems perspective. U: J. Mihaljević Djigunović i M.Medved Krajnović (ur.) The new dynamics of primary English. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters/Channel View Publications.

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