Asst. Prof. Martina Domines Veliki


2016 Assistant Professor, English Dept, University of Zagreb
2011 PhD in philology, University of Zagreb (Constructions of the Romantic Subject: William Wordsworth and Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
2004 teaching assistant at the English Department, University of Zagreb
2002–2004 international relations officer at the rectorate of the University of Zagreb
2000 BA, University of Zagreb (English and French)
2000–2001 interpreter for French for the Croatian television
1999–2002 teacher of English in the school for foreign languages ‘Sova’
1998–1999 interpreter for French for the Croatian Information and Culture Institute

Research interests
British romanticism and modernism

Undergraduate courses
Introduction to the Study of English Literature
British Romanticism: poetry
British Romanticism: prose

Graduate courses
British Modernism

Other achievements
2018  Erasmus Plus Mobility, University of Malta
2015  Academic Mobility-the World, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway
2008  Secretary of the Croatian Association for Anglophone Studies
2008   British Academy research scholarship (1 month), University of Newcastle, UK
2004   research scholarship (3 months), University of Bergen, Norway

HDAS – Croatian Association for Anglophone Studies (President of HDAS since 2013)
GER – German Society for English Romanticism

Selected bibliography

  • Domines Veliki, Martina. The World of Politics and Money: ‘Tintern Abbey’ and ‘Mt. Blanc’// Studia Romanica et Anglica Zagrabiensia. 62 (forthcoming 2017)
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Full bibliography (old link)