TEFL: syllabi

 Graduate programme – Master of Education in English Language and Literature
Course Description 2017/18


Double-major programme
4th year
7th semester
Process of Language Acquisition (Geld, Letica Krevelj) (3 ECTS)

8th semester
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Geld, Čengić) (4 ECTS)

5th year
9th semester
Practicum 1 (Geld, Čengić) (2 ECTS)
Bilingualism (Geld, Letica Krevelj) (5 ECTS)
Application of cognitive linguistics in learning and teaching L2 (Geld) (elective) (5 ECTS)

10th semester
Practicum 2 (Geld, Čengić) (3 ECTS)
Graduation Thesis  (10 ECTS)


In the ac. year 2017/18 students can take Pragmatics or Psycholinguistics in selecting an elective course that is obligatory (within the 15 ECTS earned through ELT courses) (check Programme Requirements).

Note: Beginning with the academic year 2016/2017, single-major TEFL Program will not be carried out. This change was approved by the Department on 1 June 2016.


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