Exam Schedule: Year 3



Course title Winter examination term
(Feb 2018)
Summer examination term
(June 2018)
Jesenski ispitni rok
(kolovoz/rujan 2018.)
Semantics of the English Language 5.2. D V 12.00 18.6. A 123 10.00 3.9. A 123 10.00
19.2. D V 12.00 3.7. A 123 10.00 17.9. A 123 10.00
Cultures of the USA and the UK* 31.1. A 105 12.00 28.6. A 105 15.00 4.9. D III 14.00
Translation Exercises* 31.1. A 105 12.00 28.6. A 105 15.00 11.9. A 105 15.00
Phonetics and Phonology*       26.6. D V 18.00 17.9. D V 18.00

* The final grade in Phonetics and Phonology is based on continuous assessment.
** The final grade in all literary courses is based on continuous assessment. The additional examination dates shall be organized for students who have fulfilled all elements of continuous assessment (regular attendance, preparation for and participation in class, writing small assignments, obligatory sitting for midterm and/or endterm exams, timely submission of the final paper), but have failed the midterm and/or endterm exam. For further reference, see specific course.

NB: Students enrolled via ISVU system should register for exams via Studomat. Registration period depends on the examination date. Subsequent registration is not possible after the expiry of a given registration period. Registration is obligatory for all courses, including those based on continuous evaluation.

Additional examination dates: for literary courses click here

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