Master’s Thesis and Supervision – Literature and Culture

 Master’s Thesis and Supervision for Graduate Programme in Literature and Culture

Topic registration form (word.doc)

ECTS points: 15

Thesis length: c. 12.000 words (c. 72.000 characters with spaces)
Minimum number of references: 15
Citation style: MLA
Front page (in Croatian): Naslovnica
Thesis structure
Thesis language: English
Thesis cannot be a revised seminar paper.

Topics in Anglophone literatures and cultures:
Prof. Tatjana Jukić Gregurić
Prof. Borislav Knežević
Assoc. Prof. Iva Polak
Assoc. Prof. Vanja Polić
Assoc. Prof. Tihana Klepač
Assoc. Prof. Martina Domines Veliki

Topics in American Studies:
Prof. Jelena Šesnić
Assoc. Prof. Sven Cvek
Hrvoje Tutek, PhD

Maximum number of students per supervisor: 2 to 3 (Anglophone literatures and cultures), and 3 to 4 (American Studies).
Submission of master’s thesis:

Topic registration deadline:  February 10.
Procedure: Student selects a topic in cooperation with his/her supervisor and then submits a draft to the supervisor.
Students who fail to select a supervisor within the deadline should contact the Chairs of the English Literature Section and American Studies Program respectively no later than mid-February.
The Chairs shall solve this problem at a special meeting.

Applications for writing master’s thesis co-signed by supervisors are submitted to the administration of the Department of English by the last week of February (Topic registration form).
Topic application form can be sent via email to .

Thesis is prepared during the 4th semester. In order to ensure work in progress, students have to contact and meet with their supervisors on regular basis.
If students want their viva procedure in September, they have to submit their MA thesis by June 1.

For pre-viva paperwork, visit link.
For post-viva paperwork, visit link.