Guide to Graduation Paperwork

Guide to Graduation Paperwork at the Department of English


Pursuant to the Master’s Thesis Resolution of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, student proceeds to viva examination (thesis defence) upon completion of all prescribed requirements of a specific graduate programme of the Department of English.

Pre-viva procedure:

The Certificate verifying completion of all graduate programme requirements, i.e. exams, (hereinafter: the Certificate) is collected from the Registrar’s Office:
REQUIREMENTS available at: (available only in Croatian)

FORMS available at: (available only in Croatian

* Non-Croatian speaking students can contact the head of the department and/or the department secretary for assistance with Croatian forms and online procedure.

Post-viva procedure:

Students send their Master’s Theses in word.doc or .pdf form to to be archived in the Digital Repository of the Faculty. Students must also complete the Repository Statement (available only in Croatian) and submit it to the Administration Office of the Department of English.