Important! Preference list for Enrolment in Graduate Programmes of the Department of English

º PREFERENCE LIST (download the list)

Places in the graduate programme tracks of the Department of English in the academic year 2019/20 will be awarded based on the list of preferences that students are obliged to fill out according to the instructions on the form, and submit to the Department secretary. The list of preferences is binding and it is not possible to change it after submission. Applications without the list of preferences will be considered incomplete.


º GRADE TRANSCRIPT (for candidates from other universities)

Additionally, the candidates from other universities are obliged to submit a certified grade transcript (English Studies courses only). If their home institution does not issue certified grade transcripts containing English Studies courses only, the candidates must underline, tick or mark in any other way the English Studies courses on the issued transcript. Applications without separate (or marked) English Studies courses on the transcript will be considered incomplete.

Department of English, September 19, 2019