Language Varieties Between Norms and Attitudes


Peti-Stantić, Anita ; Stanojević, Mateusz-Milan ; Antunović, Goranka (eds.). Language Varieties Between Norms and Attitudes : South Slavic Perspectives : Proceedings from the 2013 CALS Conference. Frankfurt am Main. Peter Lang, 2015.

This volume brings together thirteen articles presented at the 27th International Conference of the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society held in Dubrovnik in 2013. The authors explore four groups of issues: stability and change at the intersection of the standard and other varieties; language policy and language attitudes in relation to the status of L1 and L2; bilingualism and multilingualism; translation solutions reaffirming and/or establishing the norm. The articles focus on the contemporary Croatian and Slovenian sociolinguistic situation, relating it to the current situation in Europe.