Prof. Emeritus Damir Kalogjera


2002 Prof. emeritus, Univ. of Zagreb
1982 Prof. of English, Univ. of Zagreb
1974 Asssociate Prof. of English, Univ. of Zagreb
1969 Docent, Univ. of Zagreb
1965 Dr.Phil. in English Linguistics, Univ .of Zagreb
1963 Postgraduate Diploma in English Linguistic Studies,Univ.College, London
1961/62 Postgraduate Studies, University College, London
1958/59 Postgraduate Studies,University of Durham
1957-1964 Assistant Prof. Dept. of English, University of Sarajevo
1956-57 English teacher ,The 5th Gimnasium, Zagreb
1955 Dipl. Phil. in English and Croatian ,University of Zagreb

Visiting lecturer

1995-2011 University of Rijeka
2000-2010 University of Split
1993-94 University of Nottingham
1983-84 University of Nottingham
1980 Pennsyilvania State University
1973-1975 School o Slavonic Studies, University of London
1966-67 Pennsylvania State Universit

Scholarly interests
Sociolinguistics, General linguistics, English Syntax, Phonology, Dialectology.

Doctoral studies: Sociolinguistics vs. General Linguistics
Graduate studies: Sociolinguistics from Essentialism to Constructivism
Sociolinguistics and Translation

Other professional activities
Editor, Strani jezici ( language teaching periodical),Školska knjiga
Secretary, Croatian Philological Society,
President , Society for Applied Linguistics of Croatia,
President , HDAS ,Coatian Society for the Study of English,
Representative for Croatia in the European Society for the Study of English.
Head ,Dept of English, Univ. of Zagreb,
Head, Linguistics Section, Dept. of English,Univ. of Zagreb

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In cooperation:
English Croatian an Croatian English Modern Dictionary, ,Naklada C Zagreb 1996
Rječnik govora grada Korčule (Dictionray of the Speech of the City of Korčula) Novi Liber, Zagreb 2008.
A political game: Shaw in Yugoslavia: A Study