Practicum 4

Course title: PRACTICUM 4
Instructor: Asst. Prof. Renata Geld
ECTS credits: 2 credits
Status: mandatory
Semester: X
Enrollment requirements: none
Course description: Practical insights into language development of learners of different ages. Development of teacher rapport. Awareness of teaching impact on learning. Classroom management. Self-observation. Designing teaching activities for different ages and proficiency levels of learners. Analyzing and adapting teaching materials. Post-teaching reflection. Self-assessment of teaching. Reacting to mentor and peer feedback. Team teaching.
Objectives: Students will further develop competence in assessing effectiveness of different teaching strategies that they will employ in their own teaching during school-based teaching practice. They will develop skills in identifying learner language needs, arousing and maintaining learner motivation, giving feedback and assessing learner competence. They will develop own self-reflection skills and a feeling of professional responsibility.
Course requirements
: During practicums student will be prepared for independent teaching in schools they will be assigned to. They will be expected to develop lesson plans and required teaching materials for every lesson they will be teaching. Students will also keep a teaching practice diary. Their final mark will depend on the evaluation of the part of the portfolio collected during the 9th semester and the evaluation of students’ independent teaching.
Week by week schedule:

Week Topics
1 Introduction
2 Designing units for different age groups of learners.
3 Designing units for different levels of proficiency.
4 Classroom teaching in school.
5 Classroom teaching in school.
6 Classroom teaching in school.
7 Classroom teaching in school.
8 Classroom teaching in school.
9 Classroom teaching in school.
10 Classroom teaching in school.
11 Reflecting on teaching experience
12 Classroom teaching in school.
13 Classroom teaching in school.
14 Analysis of student diaries.
15 Issues in EFL teacher preparation

Required reading:
– Crookes, G. (2003). A Practicum in TESOL: professional development through teaching practice. Cambridge: CUP.
– Newby, D. et al (2008). European portfolio for student teachers of languages. Graz: ECML. [selected chapters]
– Wajnryb, R. (1992). Classroom observation tasks. Cambridge: CUP. [selected chapters]

Recommended reading:
– Allwright, D. (1988). Observation in the language classroom. New York: Longman. [selected chapters]
– Costas i Costa et al. (eds.) (2001) Student teaching in Europe. Freiburg im Breisgau: Fillibach-Verl.
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