Cognitive linguistics and translation

Course title: Cognitive linguistics and translation
Course coordinator
: Mateusz-Milan Stanojević
: Mateusz-Milan Stanojević; Milena Žic Fuchs; Janja Čulig
ECTS credits
: 5
: English and Croatian
: 3rd (winter)
Status: compulsory for students studying translation as a single major, elective for students studying translation as a double major program
Form of Instruction: 1 lecture and 2 seminars per week
Prerequisites: students enrolled in the 3rd semester, completed course in the Translation Theory
Examination: written
Course contents: This course deals with selected issues in translation theory from the point of view of cognitive linguistics. The theoretical background is established by comparing and contrasting the communicative translation theory with the cognitive linguistic theory of translation. The course focuses on cognitive linguistic notions which are crucial in establishing translation equivalence (figure-ground, conceptual metaphor, categorization, etc.), exemplifying the way in which they function in translation, with an emphasis on English and Croatian. Particular attention is given to translating grammar and translating culture.
Objectives: The aim of this course is to introduce students to theoretical and practical translational issues which are related to a cognitive-linguistic view of language. This will enable students to recognize potential translation problems, especially with regard to English and Croatian as source and target languages.

Required reading:
Tabakowska, E. 1993. Cognitive Linguistics and Poetics of Translation. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag

Additional reading:
– Croft, W and Cruse, D. A. 2004. Cognitive Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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