Academic Writing 2

Course name: Academic Writing 2
Dr Alexander Douglas Hoyt, senior lecturer ; Dr Kristijan NIkolić, senior lecturer; Tea Raše
points: 5
Language of instruction
: English
: II. (summer)
Academic writing 1 (a pass mark)
combination of workshop and seminar, 4 hours a week
: active participation in the class, written assignments, final paper, oral presentations.
The aim of this course is to introduce basics of academic writing, writing research papers in the field of linguistics and oral presentations. Students will learn to analytically read and write research papers. They will also learn the basics of academic presentation of these papers through their own presentations.
Students will write smaller research papers on various topics from the field of linguistics. They will orally present these papers in class. Students will also write a longer research paper (15 pages) that will have to be handed in by the end of May. The instructor will tell them more about it. The final paper will also be orally presented.
This course is a seminar and that means that the class will be interactive. Students will often work in smaller groups and they will criticize and analyze each other’s work. The instructor will be a moderator of these discussions. Students must attend the classes regularly and they must be prepared to actively participate in discussions. Students must write assignments regularly and prepare oral presentations. Written assignments and presentations will be discussed in the class.

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