Lexicology and Lexicography (archive)

Course title:  Lexicology and Lexicography
term 2012-2013
5 points
Course convenor
: Professor Milena Žic Fuchs
: Vlatko Broz
: English
:  First term of graduate studies
Attending this course does not require any requisites, except being enrolled in the term in which the course is given.
Course format:
2 lecture classes and 2 seminar classes a week
Objective:  Gaining an insight into the fundamental concepts from lexicology and their application in lexicography
Contents:  The course focuses on the lexical system of language, studying the word as the basic unit of a language. Various theoretical frameworks are covered relevant to dictionary makers and users. The first part of the course deals with morphology and word formation, while the second part of the course deals with phraseology.


Week Topic
1 Introduction to lexicology: Word. Lexeme. Morphology, Semantics, Etymology. Introduction to lexicography.
2 Word Formation I: Inflection and derivation.
3 Word Formation II: Compounding, conversion, reduplication, backformation.
4 Word Formation III: Diminutives, clipping, abbreviations and acronyms, coinage, neologisms, nonce-words, nonsense words.
5 Word Formation IV: Onomatopoeic words, eponyms, borrowing
6 Diachrony: Sources of English vocabulary
7 Diachrony: Semantic change (metaphor, metonymy, specialization, generalization)euphemisms, false friends
8 Phraseology: Idioms. Traditional and modern approaches.
9 Phraseology: Idioms and idiomaticity. Metaphor, metonymy and idioms.
10 Phraseology: Idioms and formulaic language. Proverbs, binomials etc.
11 Phraseology: Current research.
12 Phraseology: Phrasal verbs.
13 Lexicography I:  Key elements of dictionaries. Definition. Usage.
14 Lexicography II: The corpus in lexicography. Dictionary Making.Types of dictionaries. The origin of dictionaries. History of dictionaries.
15 RevisionExam

Class methods and procedures: Students should regularly attend classes and participate in class discussions. Seminar paper has to be submitted in the first week of January.

Exam  70 %
Seminar papers  30 %  (3,000-4,000 words)

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