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Prof. Jelena Mihaljević Djigunović

Curriculum vitae

2014 retired
2008 full professor
2006-2010 director of studies of Doctoral Programme in FL Education
2000-2014 SLA and TEFL Chair
2000-2002 Head of Department of English
1991 PhD (dissertation title: Teaching EFL and motivation to learn)
1985-2014 member of Department of English
1985 MSc (thesis title: Comparison of GE and ESP syntactic structures)
1981-1985 teacher of EFL at Centar za strane jezike Vodnikova, Zagreb
1977-1981 teacher of EFL and Russian at the secondary school in Grubišno polje
1977 MA in English Language and Literature and Russian

Research interests
second language acquisition; early language learning; individual differences in language learning; FL teacher education

Graduate courses
Glottodidactics;  English Language Teaching Methodology; Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Individual Differences in Language Acquisition; Learning English at an Early School Age

Doctoral courses
Research Methodolgy in FL Education; Designing Research Papers and Presentation Skills; Age Factor; Impact of Age on Second Language Acquisition; Individual Learner Differences and FL Teaching

Other accomplishments
2010 – member of the Croatian Academy of Educational Sciences
2006 – University of Zagreb Certificate of Merit for promoting international cooperation (as a member of the SLA and TEFL Section)
2002 – Faculty Medal
1994-1995 – president of the Croatian Association of Applied Linguistics
1996-1999 – editor-in-chief of Strani jezici
1997 – Croatian Association of Open Universities Certificate of Merit

Selected bibliography

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Edited volumes
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Book chapters
· Mihaljević Djigunović, J. & Lopriore, L. (2011) The learner: do individual differences matter? In: J. Enever (ed.) ELLiE: Early language learning in Europe, 29-45. London, UK: The British Council.
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Journal articles
· Nikolov, M. and Mihaljević Djigunović, J. (2011) All shades of every color: an overview of early teaching and learning of foreign languages. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 31: 95-119.
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