Societies and Cultures of the USA and UK – archive

Course title: Societies and Cultures of the USA and UK (EN 1 J08)
Course title changed to: Cultures of the USA and UK
ECTS: 5 credits
Language of instruction: English
Duration: one semester – 5th (winter)

Instructors: mr. sc. Vesna Beli, dr. sc. Kristijan Nikolić
Status: obligatory
Form of tuition: 4 hours of workshop (excercies) a week
Enrolment requirements: CEL 3 and Analiza engleskih tekstova
Exam: written
Content: This course deals with customs, institutions and values of the UK and the USA. The readers will enable students to get to know various aspects of these two societies, such as politics, multiculturalism, education and art.

Obligatory literature: (Reader 1, US, i Reader 2, UK made of):
1) Giles, Judy and Middleton, Tim. 1999. Studying Culture – A Practical Introduction. Oxford. Blackwell. (Poglavlje What is Culture?).
2) Mauk, David and Oakland, John. 2009 (Fifth edition). American Civilization:
An Introduction
. Routlege. London and New York.

3) Oakland, John. 2011. (Seventh edition). British Civilization: An
Introduction.. Routledge. London and New York.

Additional literature:
1) Giles, Mick, ed. 1993. Modern American Culture: An Introduction. London and New York. Longman.
2) An Outline of American Government. 1989. Washington DC. US Information Agency.
3) Luedtke, Luther S. ed. Making America. 1987. The Society and Culture of the United States. Washington. US Information Agency.
4) Campbell, Neil and Kean, Alasdair. 1997. American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture. London and New York. Routledge.

Way of instruction: The course is of a seminar type. Groups are made of up to 15 students. Students must attend the classes regularly (have no more than three absences). They must prepare for classes and write assignments as instructed. Instructors and students will also communicate through Omega and e-mail.

Table of contents (chapters to be covered in class):
The United States (Reader 1)
1. The American context
3. The people: settlement and immigration
4. The people: women and minorities
5. Political institutions: the federal government
6. Political institutions: state and local government
8. The legal system
11. Education
13. Religion
Continuous Assessment

The United  Kingdom (Reader 2)
1. The British context
3. The people
4. Politics and government
6. The legal system
7. The economy
8. Social services
9. Education
11. Religion
Continuous assessment