Analysis of English Texts

Course title: Analysis of English Texts EN1J07
Lecturers: Dr. Snježana Veselica-Majhut, Dr. Ivana Bašić, Dr. Tea Raše
ECTS credits: 5
Language: English
Semester: 4th (summer)
Status: mandatory
Form of instruction: language classes, 4 classes a week
Enrolment requirements: courses Contemporary English Language I and II and III completed
Course requirements: written exam
Course description: Students will become familiar with different types of texts and their properties. The course focuses on textual analysis and improvement of writing skills. The texts analyzed encompass a whole range of different textual types present in the contemporary English language.
Objectives: The objective of the course is to introduce various text types and raise students’ awareness of their linguistic properties. Working on a number of texts belonging to different discourses, divided into thematic blocs, the students will expand their vocabulary, improve reading skills, and the ability to analyze different types of texts, as well as develop further writing skills in English. The students are expected to improve their language competencies, in particular  practical use of syntactic structures studied in Contemporary English Language 3.

Reader for Analysis of English Texts
Week by week schedule:
1. Introduction to the course
2.- 9.  First set of texts
10. First continuous assessment exam (READING COMPREHENSION; SUMMARY; VOCABULARY)
11. Feedback on the exam
12. – 24. Second set of texts
25. Revision
26. Second continuous assessment (READING COMPREHENSION; VOCABULARY; ESSAY)
27. Feedback on the exam